Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Taurus Firearms

Of course I am familiar with Taurus Firearms. But, I had no idea how diverse Taurus actually is. Check out the following video that summarizes the Taurus Company.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reason to Join the NRA

Check out the CNN portion of this video. If you need another reason to join the NRA, HERE IS IT!

The NRA is out there fighting for our right to own guns. They can't do it without our support! JOIN THE NRA now and receive $10 off yearly NRA Membership rate.

Monday, March 21, 2011

NRA Membership

If you spend any time on the ArmsVault Blog, or any ArmsVault site, you have probably noticed that we firmly believe in NRA Membership. Today ArmsVault received some recognition that we are extremely proud of... ArmsVault is an NRA Top Ten Individual Recruiter for 2010! To be more precise, we came in 7th place.

TOP 10 NRA Recruiter
We would like to thank all of the ArmsVault visitors who joined the NRA through our site. We would also like to thank all the ArmsVault supporters. Without them, ArmsVault wouldn't exist. Of course, we want to thank the NRA for fighting for our Second Amendment rights!

Now... back to business... The NRA does a great job of fighting for our gun rights. However, it is a shame that it is necessary for them to do so. But, make no mistake, it IS necessary.

The NRA can't do it without our support. If you aren't yet a member, PLEASE JOIN THE NRA NOW.

- Greg