Saturday, June 26, 2010

History of Self Contained Cartridge

This is a short, but interesting history of the self-contained cartridge. The cartridges discussed are:

1. Self Contained Paper Cartridge
2. Pin Fire Cartridge
3. Rimfire Cartridge
4. Centerfire Cartridge

Home Invasion Safe Room

Ruger Tactical Tips explains the advantages to having a safe room during a home invasion situation.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Women On Target Clinic

The NRA's Women on Target Clinic is designed to provide firearm training to women of all ages.

By participating in a Women on Target Clinic, you can:

- Learn how to safely handle a firearm
- Learn about safe storage options for your home
- Learn about modern or historic firearms
- Learn in the company of other women
- Learn in a safe, friendly environment
- Learn about competitive shooting and hunting basics

The following video shows ladies shooting black powder rifles, at NRA's Women on Target Clinic in Centreville, Virginia.

To become an NRA Member, or purchase a membership as a gift, CLICK HERE to receive 1 year NRA Membership for only $25.

- Greg