Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Free AK-47 with Car Purchase

What do you think about a car dealership that offers a free AK-47 with a car purchase?  That is exactly what Max Motors did a couple years ago.  Of course, they don't just hand over an AK.  Instead, they give a voucher that can be cashed in at a local gun shop.  So, all the appropriate paper work is completed.

As you watch this interview, see if you think the CNN anchor is a bit anti-gun.  Either way, I think the owner of Max Motors did a great job representing those of us who support the Second Amendment.

Are you a supporter of the Second Amendment?  If so, be sure to visit the Second Amendment Supporters site.

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Anonymous said...

The CNN Anchor is an idiot. No one should ever use the term "assault weapon" as if they have some kind of knowledge pertaining to firearms. Secondly, I am an atheist and I'm so sick and tired of people essentially saying "screw the minority". That's the same mentality we had back in the 60s, folks. Other than that, this seems like a viable marketing strategy, I suppose.