Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ted Nugent Speaks about IL Gun Laws

Ted Nugent speaks at the 108th Sangamon County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner in Springfield, IL.  As always, Ted Nugent has a great way with words!

*Now, you know that since he is speaking in IL, he is going to have a few things to say about gun laws!

You don't have to be Ted Nugent to get involved.  Find out how at Second Amendment Supporters!


About 25 minutes into the video, Ted will tell a story about a US Marine Sniper who was paralyzed during combat.  He also mentions a device that was used to allow the marine, Josh, to enjoy shooting once again.  The Machine is called the Liberator and it can be found at Liberty Worx.  If you go to their video section, you will find a link to a video of Josh using the Liberator.

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